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Summer Endeavors Logo

S U M M E R    E N D E A V O R S

A summer-long series of workshops in theater, music, dance, visual arts and personal development designed for non-members of all ages. The culminating exercise highlights a production showcasing talents developed, which is open to guests.

Panata Logo


Productions staged in observance of the Lenten and Advent Seasons. The production, being requested by the celebrant, is incorporated in the Holy Mass usually during Homily. This serves as a corporal work of members whose majority are Catholic Christians.

Official Seal of the City of San Pablo

P I S T A    N G    D U L A A N G    S A N    P A B L O

Isang Lahi, Isang Bansa. Pagbigkisin ng Isang Dula.

An envisioned festival-competition involving all public and private educational institutions, and other established theatrical groups. However, the said endeavor has yet to be realized due to lack of resources. We welcome your support in order to make this event part of San Pablo's cultural celebration similar to the city's version of the Mardi Gras, the Coco Festival.


TALA Workshops Logo

T A L A    W O R K S H O P S

This is the core and the heart of TALA's existence: to pass on the vigor of cultural awareness through a series of dynamic exercises and activities that not only develop cognitive skills but also harness personal values - building trust, respect and rapport with others, and gaining confidence and self-worth.

Usually a 1- to 2-day non-overnight activity, TALA extends this to schools by integrating with the English, Filipino, and Physical Education-Health-Music (PEHM) curricula as, of course, requested by teachers. TALA has conducted workshops in San Pablo City National School of Arts and Trade (now named Laguna State Polytechnic College) and San Pablo Central School.

Recently, TALA has initiated the Theater Camp. It is a 3-day 2-night activity camp designed to isolate participants from distractions, which is the main drawback of previous workshops. Nevertheless, like all other workshops, this revolves on basic integrated theater arts that includes basic acting, music appreciation, creative movement and visual arts. The camp, moreover, highlights a culminating activity wherein parents and guests are invited to watch the participants in a production they have conceptualized.

Participating in TALA Workshops is a requirement for membership.


Members are required to participate in regular workouts which serve as refresher courses. Others are sent for training in outside entities.


All important notices, deliberations, plebescite and elections are done in assemblies called by the Core Group. This also serves as a loyalty-check on all members, determining inactive ones.


Individuals sometimes request for private tutoring on public speaking, acting, singing etc.