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We envision a Filipino society responsive of change
yet conscious of its cultural origin.

To establish an organization of young performing artists who shall be pioneering, artistic, progressive, professional and disciplined.

To provide theatrical endeavors (drama, dance and music) which shall serve as an alternative venue for the appreciation of Philippine culture and arts.

To promote innovative theatrical genre.

Summer of 1998 when Dodie Dichoso invited the youth of San Pablo
in a theater workshop he would facilitate.
However, few responded to his invitation.

Five teenagers became the participants of the said three-day workshop namely: Abbie, Jachner, Claudine, JM and Nei.
Concluding the event and seeing the indifference of San Pablo in theater-related endeavors, these young people fresh from a mentor's instructions decided to form a theater group.

On April 3, 1998, Tanghalang Laguna was born.

But as fate would put it, the pioneering group of TALA while initiating audition-workshops on the same year preparing itself on its debut production of Mukha ng Kahapon faced problems such as lack of funds and support. Nevertheless, the project successfully pushed through.

The succeeding years never ceased to dampen the spirits of its members – continuing to face the inevitable setback of a struggling youth group.
But the successes in all the activities and the gradual rise in the ladder of prominence (as evidenced by the invitation to join a proposed umbrella organization under the cultural agenda of former Mayor Florante “Boy” Aquino), gives TALA its strength and enthusiasm to work forward with its mission and towards its vision.

Today, TALA is known as an established group of individuals
extending their service to the people of San Pablo
through workshops, performances and consultation.


For the sake of art, culture and faith.
The logo is a simple inscription of the organization's abbreviated name, TALA, which resembles the two faces in theater: comedy and tragedy.
TALA is a Tagalog word for a star – an evident entity in the night sky, which has been man’s object of imagination throughout history.

This was chosen to inspire people to dream and to achieve amidst obstacles.